Well, finals for this semester are officially over! This is just a quick update to say that apart from the TCF this Saturday, I am done, completely done, with this semester!!

I am still in shock about how fast it went by. It seems like yesterday I was learning the formats of the commentaires, dissertations, exposes, now I have them down and have not too much trouble with them! Today I wrote 6 pages of a dissertation for my literature course at Middlebury “Retour du Tragique.” I feel like my ideas were a little scattered, but at least I had them, and at this point, with it being the last final, I just am not worried anymore. What’s done is done!

Then Friday was the one day in-between the last final the TCF. I did a weird assortment of things today. First, I went with Melanie and another friend Elizabeth from Middlebury went to an interesting “exposition” if you can call it that- of video games. There were two stories with lots of video games, classic and newer, available and free to play, as well as history on different consoles and games as well. (Our favorite part was Dance Dance Revolution)

Then, Melanie and I went to an antiques show by the Bastille. After staying there an hour or so, I returned home and studied a little for the TCF. Then, I met with a friend I know from Michigan who just so happened to be staying with family who lives in Boulogne, my city! It was really nice- I spoke French with his family and they invited me to dinner for the next night! So I am excited for that after the TCF. Definitely something to look forward to 🙂

No pictures today, but I’m sure next week I’ll be taking a lot more. To commemorate my very last week of study abroad and stay in Paris. *holding back tears*

Thank you for reading! 🙂