Today I, along with Melanie and Elizabeth, took a day trip (which turned out to be an afternoon trip to Giverny!

I took a ton of pictures, so I’m pretty much going to let them speak for themselves. It was a beautiful day!

The photo-planning process! And finding the Monet’s bust in the woods20170514_10544620170514_10561620170514_105657

And then walking around his gardens. I took far too many to share! But here are a few. It rained a little before and little after we were in the gardens itself, but it was sunny and beautiful the entire time we were there! We got lucky 🙂

20170514_11570620170514_12153920170514_11531620170514_11494720170514_11563020170514_12164920170514_12380820170514_12273120170514_11531120170514_12272120170514_123838So many flowers….20170514_12272620170514_11581820170514_11542220170514_11483820170514_12274020170514_122718Inside his home:20170514_12014520170514_12121620170514_12141020170514_12142320170514_120812(^This is backyard goals!!!!!^)

And to the pond…20170514_12325320170514_12313920170514_12362220170514_12351920170514_12294720170514_124055

Yay for friends!!! 🙂 I am so lucky to have met everyone I did during my time here. ❤20170514_11024820170514_11513320170514_115206After we visited the house and gardens, we had lunch. It started to rain and the three of us just suddenly realized how tired we were, so we returned home in the late afternoon, earlier than we expected!

After I got back, I had a nap (all three of us did, actually), then dinner with family a little while later. It’s my last week here now. Next Sunday, one week from today, I’ll be on a plane headed back to Michigan. It is so bittersweet but I can’t think about it too much yet. I have to make the most of my last days. ❤
Giverny with friends was a great start 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂