These last three days, I have been going around sightseeing, trying to re-visit all my favorite places in Paris in my last week here! ❤

Monday: Slept in and relaxed in the morning after the long day before in Giverny. Then Melanie and I met for lunch at a cafe we’ve been saying we want to visit since the beginning of the semester. It was so yummy; we finally got an assorted cheese plate!! 20170515_132021While we were sitting there talking, the cafe got busier and busier, and soon there was a man at a table right next to us. We continued to talk, and at one point, he turned to us and said, “You both are very courageous! Do you want to know why?” We were so confused! He continued to say, “You are very courageous…because I am sure you both speak English very well, and you are still speaking French and continuing to practice here.” He was so nice! He asked about where we were from, and what we were studying here. He told us, “If I could, I would tell both of your parents they should be very proud of you! You’re both working very hard and speaking French even though it is sometimes difficult not speaking your first language.” It was such a nice encounter, and proved to me once again how much my comprehension and speaking has improved since the beginning of the semester! We were able to speak well, and confidently, and understand as well. It was a very nice conversation! 🙂

After that, we went to Montmartre to shop a little. It was so beautiful and sunny out! We went to a couple little shops, got ice cream, then returned home. Didn’t take too many pictures today, but I made up for it in the next 2 days.

The next day, I got up and went to the Eiffel Tower in the early afternoon. It was finally the first time I went inside, and to the top. It was such a beautiful view, of course! 🙂 20170516_104910

20170516_11271520170516_11530820170516_12135020170516_12214320170516_12220420170516_122602Once I descended from the very top, I decided to stop one more time on the second floor. Right as I walk out of the elevator, I see a kid that looks familiar and I thought, “no!”… Yep! It was Madame Hughes, my high school french teacher, with her 2 sisters and 3 kids!!! Out of all the places. I didn’t even know she was going to be there at that time, but to be at the exact same place on the Eiffel Tower itself, which is immensely huge, was just  too coincidental!20170516_12362620170516_123628It was such a beautiful day! The weather was perfect for these views.

Then, Melanie and I met again for lunch. This time, we walked around the Jardin des Plantes, and had sandwiches from a bakery, and then bubble tea from a place close to Paris 3. The gardens were beautiful… all the flowers are in bloom now!20170516_14553720170516_15022020170516_15031320170516_15032820170516_150443

After lunch, we went to the zoo. It was my third time going now, so I didn’t take too many pictures, but it really was beautiful. The sun was out the whole time, and it was the first time it was really hot here! The temperatures were in the 80s and possibly even 90s. We were both so glad we went one last time to see the animals. 🙂 20170516_16451320170516_16452920170516_17294720170516_173300After that, I returned home and had dinner with my family 🙂 I’m going to miss dinners with them ❤ 20170516_212711Wednesday:
This morning I babysat Madame Hughes’ kids again, until about noon. I had so much fun, and cannot thank Madame enough for letting me visit her and her family during their stay in Paris. Thanks again, Madame! ❤ Merci ! !

After that, I got lunch and went to the top of the Arc de Triomphe, another view that I experienced for the first time! 20170517_13173120170517_13275220170517_13335320170517_13343720170517_134525It was another amazing day today; I got so lucky with the weather so far this week! 🙂
After that, I went back to the Musee Rodin, one of my favorite museums here, and walked around a little before returning home for a nap and dinner with my family. ❤

20170517_14365620170517_14354020170517_143549I love Le Penseur (The Thinker) !!! 20170517_14512520170517_14514020170517_145619The sky was getting dark tonight before dinner and it actually did end up raining. It’s supposed to be a little more dreary as the week goes on, so we’ll see how that goes… 20170517_190138Thanks for reading 🙂